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Spring is in the air!


The Lisburn Road branch usually changes the window display every eight weeks and tries to make a visual impression on all those passing by on the Lisburn Road. We have had some failures mind you! Like the Christmas we thought it would be a good idea to fill the window with fresh brussel sprouts and after a few days the smell was too much to bear! 

Then there are other times when we get really lucking like the Christmas we filled the shop with small penguins and then had a giant one in the shop. The film Happy Feet was released within days and we had everyone coming to ask for one of our penguins! The large penguin was gifted to the Children's hospice when Christmas was over so even he found a home!

However, if you want something truly spectacular our Chichester Street branch at Christmas is like something out of an old Christmas movie! Think plush galands, lots of fairy lights and big bows. A trip there will really get you in the Christmas mood. 

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